Donald Trump meets with advisers, taps Corey Lewandowski for super PAC

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Donald Trump gathers political advisers at Mar-a-Lago for a meeting lasting multiple hours and focusing on a variety of topics, including a new super PAC.

Donald Trump Jr., Bill Stepien, Justin Clark, Brad Parscale, Dan Scavino, Jason Miller, and others are in the room when Trump announces that he’s chosen Corey Lewandowski to run the PAC.

People familiar with the meeting — which touched on a wide array of topics related to Trump’s political activities and the organizations supporting them — noted that the full plans for Trump’s operation are not finalized and they were uncertain about some details. Trump has also been known to reverse or change plans on short notice.


According to Politico, Trump’s new super PAC has not yet been formed. However, Trump spent the months following the 2020 election tricking his supporters into donating to his Save America PAC. His official statements also include the Save America logo.

Later on in the evening, Lev Parnas is invited to attend an event at Mar-a-Lago on March 5. It’s unlikely these two events are connected, but the timing makes the invitation relevant to the post.

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