Whistleblower to Congress: Kushner’s COVID-19 program is a disaster

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An anonymous whistleblower files a report to Congress alleging that Jared Kushner’s secret Coronavirus task force is going to kill Americans. The whistleblower later reveals himself to be Max Kennedy, Jr.

A volunteer with Jared Kushner’s shadow White House coronavirus task force has filed a complaint with the House Oversight Committee, alleging an array of improprieties, including unfit staffing choices and self-made failures to get desperately needed personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals.

The whistleblower, who is no longer with the task force, claims in the report acquired by The Washington Post that volunteers on a team tasked with procuring PPE had little to no experience in either healthcare, procurement or supply-chain management.


The complaint also alleges that Kushner’s team is taking orders from Fox News hosts Brian Kilmeade and Jeanine Pirro. Kennedy urges Congress to do something to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Trump cancels the program soon after because he’s afraid it will help Democrat-led states.

In an interview five months later, Kennedy explains the horror of Kushner’s task force in greater detail.




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