Trump: I’ll lift sanctions on Russia if they cut down on nukes (which changes nothing)

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In an interview with London’s The Times, Donald Trump says he’ll offer to lift sanctions on Russia if the country agrees to reduce its nuclear weapons stockpile.

According to Russian political scientist Andrey Piontkovsky, that changes nothing. Piontkovsky has been engaged in nuclear strategy for forty years and says disarmament is a “diplomatic game” played by leaders for fanfare. In reality, reducing the number of nuclear weapons has no impact on the level of nuclear danger.

They want to repeat the same trick, reducing a certain number of warheads, and for this to lift the sanctions. From the point of view of Moscow, this is a very cunning and clever plan. Moreover, it has some chances of success, because the word (disarmament) has a mesmerizing effect to the Western public….

Only two weeks ago, Trump shouted that his task would be to dramatically increase the potential of nuclear weapons, to which Putin replied on the same day: we will increase it even more.

Andrey Piontkovsky, translated to English

Piontkovsky believes this idea was brought to Trump by Dimitri Simes, who may also be Trump’s current Russian handler.

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