Trump Admin takes credit for COVID-19 vaccine they have nothing to do with

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Members of the Trump family and administration give themselves credit for the future success of a COVID-19 preventative they are in no way responsible for.

Ivanka Trump takes to Twitter to claim that the administration’s “Operation Warp Speed” makes it possible for Pfizer to produce the vaccine.

Thanks to the tireless work of Operation Warp Speed and the partnership it struck with Pfizer, HHS & the Military in July to support distribution + logistics, Pfizer can massively scale production and nationwide delivery of +100 M doses of the vaccine!

Ivanka Trump, Twitter

Vice President Mike Pence makes a similar claim. Donald Trump tunes in by the evening, too.

To be clear, the vaccine is not “out.” The vaccine is not approved. The day’s news was simply an update on trials.

Plus, the company, Pfizer, says it has nothing to do with Operation Warp Speed or the Trump administration.


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