After meeting with Netanyahu, Putin says Russia and Israel are ‘unconditional allies’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet for the fourth time in a year. The two discuss the continuation of their militaries working together.

“We spoke about the necessity to pool efforts to counter international terrorism. Israel knows only too well what it means and it is fighting against terrorism. In this sense, we are unconditional allies.”

Vladimir Putin

This really isn’t a surprise. When Russia sent mafia members into the United States, they had to send their worst by way of Israel so they could obtain passports.

Israel served as a kind of forward base for Russian organized crime and the Russian oligarchy. And it’s a blurry line between these groups and the KGB and its successor agencies. Israel became a kind of staging post for corrupt Russian interests on their way westward.

Tom Burgis, award-winning investigative journalist

Reminder for context: Jared Kushner is a longtime friend of Netanyahu, and two former Kremlin employees (Michael Caputo and Paul Manafort) are senior advisers to the Trump campaign. In August, Steve Bannon will join the Trump campaign, and he has ties to both countries. The countries are not only friends, but they also have friends in the Trump campaign.


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