The Senate confirms Mogilevich Organization operates in the USA

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In a 1996 Senate hearing on “Russian Organized Crime in the United States,” a Senate investigations committee recognizes that Mogilevich is operating the Semion Mogilevich Organization within the country.

Some of Mogilevich’s associates in the United States by this time, based on TrumpFile’s research so far, include Robert Maxwell, Jacob Bogatin, David Bogatin, Mikhail Sheferovsky (Felix Sater‘s father), Vyacheslav Ivankov, Vahtang Ubiriya, and Leib Yermolkin (which is either a person or a pseudonym).

At least two of these associates have ties to Donald Trump, and one is the father of Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Other transnational crime organizations the Senate identifies as operating within the United States include:

  • The Solntsevskaya Organization, the “super gang” that Mogilevich worked for before starting his own organization, led by Sergfei Mikhailov and Viktor Averin
  • The Ludwig Fainberg Organization, operated by Ludwig Fainberg
  • The Monya Elson Organization led by Mogilevich partner Monya Elson who was in prison two years later for multiple murders and extortion
  • The Chechen Organization led by Rusian Labazanov who died later that year
  • The Lyuberetskaya Organization led by Vadim Voronin
  • The Dagestantsy Organization, leader unknown
  • The Mazutkinskaya Organization led by Alexei Petrov
  • The Baklanov Organization led by Boris Lungin and Lev Andelman
  • The Ivankov Organization led by Mogilevich business partner Vyacheslav Ivankov
  • The Kikalichvili Organization led by Anzor Kikalichvili and Iosif Kobzon
  • The Fanchini Organization led by Riccardo Fanchini
  • The Kazanskaya Organized, leader unknown
  • The Brandwain Organization led by Rachmiel Brandwain
  • The Boris Sorkin Organization led by Boris Sorkin
  • The Rudyak Organization led by Mikhail Rudyak
  • The Bruk Organization led by Mikhail Bruk
  • The Ibragimov Organization led by Nikolay Ibragimov
  • The Itaev Organization led by Meir Itaev
  • The SErgey Efros Organization led by Sergey Efros
  • The Sogomonyan Organization led by George Sogomonyan
  • The Sogomonian Organization led by Levon Sogomonian
  • The Arakelian Organization led by Vrej Arakelian
  • The Blikian Organization led by Nishan Blikian
  • The Vilnius Brigade led by Georgi Dekadnize
  • The Vorkuta Organization led by Viktor Panchuk


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