Trump’s Second Senate Trial, Day 3: House Prosecutors Finish Presenting Evidence

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House prosecutors finish presenting evidence in support of convicting Donald Trump. Today’s evidence includes examples of Trump inciting violence throughout his presidency and video of Republicans condemning Trump’s actions on January 6, among other things.

Managers cited the words of Trump’s former chief of staff John Kelly – who said Trump “poisoned the minds” of Americans with his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud – as well as the list of administration officials who resigned in the aftermath of the riot.


The impeachment managers argued that Trump had mobilized extremist groups and cultivated a culture of violence over months and years, laying the groundwork for an insurrection by his supporters which culminated in the worst attack on the Capitol since the War of 1812.

Democrats told Senate jurors that convicting Trump was essential to preserving the future of American democracy by deterring future presidents from attempting to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.


Some Republicans criticize the prosecutors for taking too much time to provide evidence, even though they only used about 11 of the 16 hours available to them.



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