Russia’s IRA organizes rally to promote Clinton-Muslim conspiracy

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A “Support Hillary, Save American Muslims” rally takes place in Washington, D.C., organized by Russia’s Internet Research Agency.

The rally includes signs, purchased by the IRA on July 5, attributing fake quotes about Sharia Law to Hillary Clinton.

Around June 2016, the Russians started using a Facebook group called “United Muslims of America” to promote an upcoming rally in DC: “Support Hillary. Save American Muslims.”

During that rally, they allegedly paid a real American to hold a sign portraying Clinton alongside a quote: “I think Sharia Law will be a powerful new direction of freedom.”

Business Insider

The rally is overshadowed by a Black Lives Matter rally also taking place in Washington.

The IRA group United Muslims of America hosts another rally outside the White House on September 3.

Note: A separate Facebook page titled United Muslims of America existed before the Internet Research Agency and does not appear to have been connected to the rally or the IRA’s Facebook group.


Photo: Pax Ahisma Gethen

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