Roger Stone allegedly has dinner with Julian Assange, starts covering for Russia

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According to himself, Roger Stone spends the evening with Julian Assange. However, Stone is in Los Angeles most of the evening. Assange would have to have snuck into the country for a physical meeting.

Until now, Stone has openly stated on multiple occasions that Russia is the source of the DNC hack that provided emails to WikiLeaks. After “dinner with Assange,” Stone changes his story and begins repeating that Russia has no connection to the leaks.

The comments, made by Stone from late July through August 1, 2016, show Stone stated at the time that Russia was the source of the emails – a sharp contrast to his more recent posture that Russia was not the source for hacked documents released by WikiLeaks throughout the campaign.

By August 4, 2016, the same day Stone claimed in an email to have dined with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange the night prior, Stone abruptly changed his tune. In a conference call along with an interview with radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Stone said that Russia had nothing to do with the hacked emails and they were the sole work of hacker Guccifer 2.0.


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