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Just three days after former Trump administration officials joined The Heritage Foundation, Mike Pence announces he’s joining the organization as a “Distinguished Visiting Fellow.”

The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank and arm of the Council for National Policy that was influential in staffing and directing policy for the Trump administration.

The Heritage Foundation is well-respected amongst political elites despite accepting money from ExxonMobil to deny climate change and actively working to spread conspiracies of election fraud.

“Knowing that Vice President Pence is still in the fight is an adrenaline shot for the entire conservative movement,” Heritage President Kay C. James said in a statement.

Pence plans to advise policy experts, deliver policy speeches and write a monthly column, a throwback to his career before he was first elected to Congress in 2000. Pence was a radio talk show host and president of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, which was modeled after the Heritage Foundation.

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