Jacob Wohl is caught trying to stop Democrats from voting in 2020

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The Daily Beast obtains a fundraising document for the Arlington Center for Political Intelligence, a company by Jacob Wohl. The document claims that Arlington (a.k.a. Wohl) can mass produce fake news for profits and election interference.

The document indicates that Wohl attempted to raise $1 million to fund the Arlington Center for Political Intelligence, which he claimed would “make shit up” to profit from bets on political races and would suppress Democratic turnout in 2020.

“Backers will use ACPI’s insights in order to place profitable bets on political outcomes,” the pitch reads, adding that the group would also place bets themselves to guarantee a source of revenue.

The “confidential brief” makes other ambitious claims—promising to infiltrate 2020 Democratic campaigns and improve on social-media manipulation by Russian troll farms to wreak havoc on Democrats.

It’s not clear how Wohl, who has become notorious for failing at nearly every dirty tricks plot he hatches, would have pulled any of it off…

Wohl denied any connection to the ACPI fundraising document. But The Daily Beast obtained an email sent from Wohl’s account making the investment pitch, and also spoke with an investor who said Wohl had asked him to contribute tens of thousands of dollars to the effort…

The outline also claims that ACPI would replicate the Russian social-media efforts from the 2016 election, using bot networks and a “troll farm” to target specific demographic groups, including black and Hispanic voters.

It imagines creating “Suburban Moms” Facebook groups devoted to a particular Democratic candidate, then attacking the candidate right before Election Day in an attempt to depress Democratic turnout.

The Daily Beast

The scheme is actually incredibly detailed. Read more at the source.

A week later, Wohl is also found to be the brainiac behind Potomac Intelligence, SureFire Intelligence, Bolt Intel, and Bolt Intelligence.




Photo: Dan MacMedan / USA Today

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