Trump friends promote ‘Hammer & Scorecard’ election conspiracy

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Sidney Powell appears on Fox News to promote a conspiracy theory that claims a supercomputer named “Hammer” used a program called “Scorecard” to steal the election from Donald Trump. Powell is the attorney for former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Powell is invited back to the network the following Sunday to promote the conspiracy again.

As Donald Trump refuses to concede the election, some of his most loyal allies have become obsessed with a bizarre new conspiracy theory about the race, insisting that Trump only lost the election because a deep-state supercomputer named “Hammer” and a computer program named “Scorecard” were used to change the ballot count.

The head of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has called the claim about supercomputer election fraud “nonsense,” and urged Americans not to promote it.

The Daily Beast

The conspiracy is also promoted by Steve Bannon, George Papadopoulos, right-wing propagandist John Cardillo, and Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson.

The basis of the myth is that a former intelligence contractor named Dennis Montgomery created the supercomputer and the software. Montgomery himself claims he made this technology, but the man is infamous for lying to tarnish the U.S. government.

As an intelligence contractor at the height of the War on Terror, Montgomery was behind what’s been called “one of the most elaborate and dangerous hoaxes in American history,” churning out allegedly fictitious data that once prompted the Bush administration to consider shooting down airplanes.

And now, Trump allies want voters to believe Montgomery’s claims about the election.

The Daily Beast

Montgomery also claimed in 2017 to have evidence of the Obama Administration spying on Donald Trump. He even sued government officials for “covering up” the alleged spying. He never produced the evidence, and a court dismissed his case.


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