Donald Trump gives out Sen. Lindsey Graham’s personal cell number

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During a campaign event, Donald Trump holds up a piece of paper with a phone number written big enough for the crowd and cameras to see. Then, he reads the number aloud. The number belongs to Sen. Lindsey Graham.

While doxxing borders on illegal, it’s not usually investigated or prosecuted unless personal information is shared with a clear threat to the person’s safety. Graham gets a new phone and number shortly after.

Graham had angered Trump by repeatedly criticizing him and his campaign on television. Sharing Graham’s number doesn’t stop the comments, though.

A month later, Graham will tell CNN that Donald Trump is the end of the Republican party.

“If Donald Trump is the nominee, that’s the end of the Republican Party,” Graham said…

Graham continued his attack, criticizing Trump’s lack of military and foreign policy experience.

“He’s shallow. He’s ill-prepared to be commander in chief,” the retired Air Force colonel told CNN. “He’s a complete idiot when it comes to Mideast policy.”

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