Bush Administration official says Congress must impeach William Barr

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Lawrence Wilkerson warns the public that William Barr is a grave threat to the nation and says Congress much impeach him.

Addressing Trump’s riling up his base with accusations of election theft, Wilkerson said, “This is a very, very dicey situation that he’s creating, and I don’t think he’s smart enough to realize that he is creating it to the extent that he is.”

“We’re back in a period where a lot of the things that happened in that very torturous period that led to our Civil War seem eerily like what’s happening today,” he continued. “And I agree with what was just said about Attorney General Barr. If I were the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, I’d start impeachment proceedings against him immediately. He’s no attorney general — he’s not even a good lawyer. He’s a dangerous threat to this country.”


Wilkerson served as chief of staff to Secretary Of State Colin Powell in the first four years of the George W. Bush administration.



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