Trump loses it after finding out he missed a call from Vladimir Putin

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During lunch between Donald Trump and Theresa May, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus informs Trump that he missed a call from Vladimir Putin. Trump loses it.

Then, keen to raise the issue of Putin, May asked Trump if he had spoken to the Russian leader, which Trump denied. At that point, however, Trump’s chief of staff intervened to tell the president that Putin had actually called, but not been put through.

Hill takes up the story of the “toe-curling” outburst. “Trump at this point looks not orange but red. He flipped. Furious.” In front of May, he scolded his advisers in what Shannon recalled as “an unseemly moment”. “He said: ‘You’re telling me that Vladimir Putin called the White House and you’re only telling me now during this lunch?… Vladimir Putin is the only man in the world who can destroy the United States and I didn’t take his call’.”

The Guardian

It’s unclear when Putin attempted to call Trump, but it was in the past week since he became president. Trump returns his call the next day.


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