Trump Admin cancels plan to provide Americans with free face masks

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Sometime in April, exact date unknown, the Trump administration abandons a plan to provide five reusable face masks to every U.S. household to protect against Covid-19.

At one point in April, USPS leaders drafted a news release announcing plans to distribute 650 million masks nationwide, enough to offer five face coverings to every American household…

Before the news release was sent, however, the White House nixed the plan, according to senior administration officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share internal deliberations…

“There was concern from some in the White House Domestic Policy Council and the office of the vice president that households receiving masks might create concern or panic,” one administration official said in response to the scrapped mask plan.

The Washington Post

Over 200,000 Americans die from the coronavirus before the abandoned plan is revealed to the public in September.


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