Robert Maxwell is elected to Parliament in the U.K.

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Robert Maxwell is elected as a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom representing the Labour Party. The public does not know that he is connected to the KGB and Mossad.

The Labour Party represents what most Americans currently (in 2020) consider “far-left” socialist values. In the U.K., democratic socialism is considered a center-left ideology.

During his time in office (1964 – 1970), Maxwell enjoys emotionally abusing his assistants, who are all female. This hobby continues when he takes ownership of the Daily Mirror.

The crude Caliban, breathing garlic from his fleshy folds, shouting, swearing: that was the man who fell so jealously in love with one assistant, Andrea Martin, that he bugged her phone and shouted at her till she cried.

Maxwell’s crudeness was so extreme that he would sometimes leave the lavatory door contemptuously open in his private office suite so that anxious female visitors would be greeted by the explosions of his mighty digestive system…

Women were, in Robert Maxwell’s peculiarly self-directed world, better tools. More submissive. More loyal, Maxwell’s favourite virtue. Consider what type of man Maxwell was – the charm, the possessiveness, the sometimes powerful, but never predictable, kindness, the violence, the obsession with control, and the capacity for inspiring extraordinary loyalty in women he maltreated – and you are left with a description horribly familiar in women’s refuges.

Sandra Barwick


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