Jared Kushner suggests real victims of financial crime are the criminals

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In an interview released February 1, Jared Kushner, whose father was prosecuted for tax fraud and witness tampering, suggests white collar criminals shouldn’t be prosecuted because it’s too painful for their families.

“The law is so nuanced. If you’re convicting murderers, it’s one thing. It’s often fairly clear. When you get into things like white-collar crime, there are often a lot of nuances. Seeing my father’s situation, I felt what happened was obviously unjust in terms of the way they pursued him. I just never wanted to be on the other side of that and cause pain to the families I was doing that to, whether right or wrong.”

In the same media story, Kushner’s wife Ivanka Trump tells the interviewer something that might suggest Kushner lacks the ability to experience emotions or empathy.

“Jared does not show stress, almost to the point where you might think he doesn’t experience it—but that wouldn’t be human,” she said. “He doesn’t react in an emotional way to circumstances.”



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