Trump Management reaches housing agreement with the U.S. government

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On June 10, 1975, Donald and Fred Trump reach an agreement with the Federal Government in regards to housing discrimination that the Justice Department sued him for in 1973.

Among other things, for the next two years, Trump must give the New York Urban League a weekly list of all vacancies in Trump buildings here, and must also give the league’s Open Housing Center three days in which to provide qualified applicants for every fifth vacancy in those Trump buildings where blacks currently occupy fewer than 10 per cent of the apartments.

The New York Times

In the two years that the discrimination case was open, Donald’s representation and mentor Roy Cohn taught him to never admit you’re wrong and never apologize. Even after accepting the government’s strict terms, Donald never did apologize or admit fault.


Where’s My Roy Cohn? (Documentary)

Photograph: Marilynn K. Yee—The New York Times/Redux

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