Penthouse threatens to reveal Trump’s affair with Marla Maples

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David Myerson, president of Penthouse International, has dinner with Donald Trump consultant Al Glasgow in Atlantic City and threatens to expose Trump’s affair with Marla Maples.

This information is revealed in memos written by Glasgow and included in a lawsuit by the Sands Hotel & Casino against Trump. Trump is doing everything he can to block Penthouse owner Bob Guccione from selling his abandoned casino site to Sands.

[Myerson] implied that Penthouse was prepared to do an expose on Trump if he tried to stand in their way by appealing and dragging out zoning approvals… certain innuendoes about Trump’s personal life… “Check out the fourth floor at the St. Moritz”… Myerson asked me how do I think Donald’s wife would take all of this.

Glasgow’s notes about the conversation

Marla Maples is living in the St. Moritz Hotel at the time. Donald Trump is the owner.

The affair remains a secret. Decades later, almost all coverage of the couple’s relationship claims the affair began in 1989. A lawsuit brought against Trump by Ivana alleges that the affair began in 1987, and a Trump associate who went to prison in January ’88 claims he knew about the affair.

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