The White House takes over CDC website, changes COVID-19 guidance

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The White House secretly takes control of the Center for Disease Control website to remove updated science and guidelines.

On September 18, the CDC updated its website to include information that COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through the air. Scientists at the World Health Organization have acknowledged this as fact since at least July. Donald Trump admitted it privately back in February.

The update also included fixing the controversial testing guidelines the White House ordered in August. The August update said that asymptomatic people who have been in close quarters with the coronavirus should not be tested.

The “new” information disappears from the website on September 21. The CDC officially claims the update was a draft that shouldn’t be published yet, but at least one CDC official tells an attorney that’s not the case.

“The f***ing White House has commandeered our websites,” one CDC official tells attorney Jonathan S. Perkins.

This is the second time that the CDC has been overruled by Donald Trump. The Trump Administration has already influenced the operations of the Food & Drug Administration (twice) and the Department of Health & Human Services.


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