Stephen Miller meets with GOP House members to talk immigration strategy

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Stephen Miller, a Trump speech writer and architect of the administration’s inhumane immigration policies, meets with the House Republican Study Committee (RSC).

The meeting comes after other recent RSC gatherings with Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, and Tucker Carlson.

The gathering — which also included Mark Morgan, a top Trump immigration official — comes as Democrats are expected to soon take up legislation to overhaul the U.S. immigration system. Miller, one of the most polarizing figures during the Trump presidency, has called Biden’s immigration plan “the most radical immigration bill ever written, drafted, or submitted in the history of this country.”


Some members of the RSC chose not to attend because of Miller’s abhorrent immigration strategies. At least one member in attendance, freshman Rep. María Elvira Salazar, pushes back on Miller’s immigration proposals.

Sources say the Floridian Salazar pushed for immigration policies that would broaden the GOP tent while challenging Miller on how Republicans can attract Latino voters given the ultraconservative policies he is advocating.

After Salazar confronted Miller on Wednesday, he responded calmly, according to sources inside the room. Salazar and Miller stayed afterward to talk for roughly 30 minutes, one source added.


Tom Homan, another Trump immigration official, is also at the meeting.

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