Jeffrey Epstein pleads guilty, begins 18-month sentence

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Jeffrey Epstein begins an 18-month sentence at the Palm Beach County jail after accepting a previously unheard of plea deal arranged by the FBI and Alexander Acosta. He receives probation after 13 months.

The information isn’t available until 11 years later, but the plea deal is arranged because Epstein is a member of a U.S. or other country’s intelligence agency.

As part of the plea deal, known accomplices such as a woman named Sarah Kellen are not charged.

Note: If there is not a separate file for the plea deal, this file will be updated later.

Epstein ends up spending most of his sentence at home under “work release,” but Palm Beach officers say he is spotted outside of his home on multiple occasions.

During the two years since his indictment, Epstein added Kenneth Starr to his legal team. Starr is best known for his role in impeaching President Bill Clinton, a one-time visitor to Epstein’s island. He spent much of the ’90s working with alleged rapist and future Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In 2019, he joins Donald Trump’s legal defense in the impeachment trial.

Also on his legal team is Darren Indyke, who serves as Epstein’s personal attorney for at least two decades. Indyke is sometimes described as Epstein’s “personal fixer,” similar to the relationship between Donald Trump and Michael Cohen or Roy Cohn.

Other people linked to Epstein’s businesses, legal and illegal, and associates mentioned here are Richard Kahn, Erika Kellerhals, Marc Agnifilo, Lana Pozhidaeva, Lynn Forester, Dana Burns, Lesley Groff, Janusz Banasiak, Leon Black, Michelle Saipher, and Bella Klein. Everyone on the list is mentioned in the Daily Beast article linked below. The primary purpose of including them here is to be able to trace them back to their ties with Epstein if they appear in other files in the future. A New York Times article also mentions James Staley, Andrew Farkas, John de Jongh Jr., and Cecile de Jongh.


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