Ghislaine Maxwell recruits Epstein victim at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

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Sometime in the summer of 2000, 16-year-old Virginia Roberts is working as a locker room attendant at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach when Ghislaine Maxwell offers her a job as a personal masseuse to her friend Jeffrey.

Please note that the date here is from the Miami Herald and has been contradicted elsewhere. Some reports claim Roberts was recruited in 1998 at age 14, others claim 1999 at age 15. The exact date is unknown.

“It started with one (massage) and it trickled into two and so on,’’ Roberts told the Herald. “And before you know it, I’m being lent out to politicians and academics and royalty.’’

Roberts, too, was ordered to find Epstein girls — the younger, the better — by trolling areas where teenagers congregated, such as shopping malls, to lure girls to whatever residence Epstein was staying in at the time, she told the Herald.

She began to travel with Epstein and Maxwell to Epstein’s other homes, in New York, New Mexico and the U.S. Virgin Islands — and her trips are documented in flight logs that frequently list her name or her initials as a passenger, court records show.

“Epstein and Maxwell also got girls for Epstein’s friends and acquaintances. Epstein specifically told me that the reason for him doing this was so that they would ‘owe him,’ they would ‘be in his pocket,’ and he would ‘have something on them,’ ” Roberts said in a court affidavit. “I understood him to mean that when someone was in his pocket, they owed him favors.’’

The Miami Herald

Epstein’s mansion is only a five minute drive from Mar-a-Lago.


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